Jeroen Cats

12 11 1975 - 18 07 2007

Altijd onstuitbaar, toch abrupt gestopt...

Always in top gear,..... yet abruptly stopped.

update 24/11/16
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Dear visitor,

it has been a long time but the cats-citroen website ( is back on-line again, as requested by many of you, and thanks to the help of a good friend.

Although I would like to keep the site much as Jeroen left it, there will be some updates in the near future regarding cars that entered and some that left our collection.

Changes to the main website can be found here.*NEW*

For Citroen cars, these updates can be found when visiting the museum.

For the updates concerning his Maseratiís, please click here.

For contact please click here.

To download free Citroen Manuals for a wide range of models please click here.*UPDATED*

Please feel free to visit us via the CATS-CITROEN Facebook Group here.*NEW*

Enjoy your visit.

Wiljan. Nov 2016

Last updated 04-Jul-23