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ORGA / RP number
ORGA is short for organization. The ORGA (or RP) number is the code from which the day of production can be decoded. The ORGA code started with number 0001 on November 9th 1976. From that day on, the orga number was increased with 1 every day. From 1980 onwards, all Citroëns have a painted 4 digit ORGA code on the right hand side of the firewall.

Quick Reference on modern A-types.
On modern 2cvs you'll find a whole bunch of numbers and letters on the firewall. Among these is the paint code as well as a round stamp AM??. This indicates the Annee Modele (model year) of your car (body) and the ?? is the last 2 digits of the year in which the car was built. Should tie up with the orga number which will give the built date to the day exact.

ORGA number for old 2cv vans?
Even earlier then 1976 Citroën had similar systems of being able to retrace the production date. On older (pre 1973 at least) 2cv vans there is painted code on the right hand side of the fire wall. Before 1959 the year is 1 digit, 195? with ? being the digit. From 1959 onwards the year is 2 digit, so 59-6? but i'm not sure where it ends. Examples:
8 B 5 is February 8th 1955
22 F 61 is June 22nd 1961

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