Citroën Summary

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This is a easy reference guide to find the right car quickly.
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Traction Avant


  • Berline: 4 door, 4 side windows
  • Cabriolet: 2 door, soft top
  • Coupé: 2 door, hard top
  • Familiale: 4 door, 6 side windows, folding seats
  • Limousine: 4 door, 6 side windows, no folding seats
  • Commerciale: 4 door, 6 side windows, no folding seats, rear window opens as part of the bootlid


  • Edge around rear window
  • Bonnet with shutters (not on 15-6)
  • Cabriolet, Coupé, Limousine


  • Exterior spare wheel mounted on bootlid
  • Moustache bumpers
  • Windscreen wipers above windscreen


  • Big bootlid,
  • Spare wheel inside
  • Straight bumpers
  • Windscreen wipers beneath windscreen


  • Paris, France: 6V electrics, Michelin wheels
  • Slough, UK: 12V Lucas electrics, mostly RHD, wood dashboard, leather seats
  • Forest, Belgium: 6V electrics, Willocq Bottin headlights, Lambert Nivell spoke wheels, rear indicators on wings (big boot only)


A9/52-11/54France375ccOriginal 2cv
AL8/53-7/54Holland375ccDeluxe version A
AL4/54-11/54Belgium375ccDeluxe version A
AZ11/54-4/70France425ccReplaces A, with 425cc engine, mostly centrifugal clutch
AZC12/55-1/61Belgium425ccAZ, bootlid opens with rear window. Flat floor
AZL11/54-2/58Belgium425ccDeluxe version AZ, steel bootlid, trapezium rear window
AZL22/58-10/58Belgium425ccReplaces AZL, normal french bootlid
AZL310/58-2/60Belgium425ccReplaces AZL2, 3rd windows, seperate spare lid, cutout rear wings '59-'60
AZL2/60-3/63Belgium425ccReplaces AZL3, modern bonnet
AZM33/63-9/67Belgium425ccReplaces AZL, paperclip bumpers, Ami6 benches
Mixte3/62-9/69France425ccAZ Commerciale, spare under bonnet, bootlid opens with rear window
AZAM3/63-9/67France425ccDeluxe AZ, paperclip bumpers
AZAM-62/65-9/67Belgium602cc2cv on Ami 6 chassis, paperclip bumpers, Ami6 benches
2cv42/70-1/79France435ccReplaces AZ
2cv4 Special11/75-1/79France435ccBare 2cv4, no 3rd side windows
2cv Spot4/76-4/76France435cc2cv4, white and orange
2cv6 Special1/77-90France602ccBare 2cv6
2cv6 Club9/79-90France602ccReplaces 2cv6
2cv Charleston9/80-90France602ccDeluxe 2cv6, two tone paint red/yellow/gray & black
2cv France33/83-3/83France602cc2cv6, white with blue wave
2cv Dolly03/85-France602cc2cv6, varios colour body with different wings
2cv 00710/82France602cc2cv6, yellow, 007 sticker on doors and bullet holes
2cv Cocorico10/86France602cc2cv6, white red-blue sides
AU9/52-11/54France375ccLow and short, 250kg load
AZU11/54-9/72France425ccLow and short, 250kg load
AZUL5/55-8/63Belgium425ccLow and short, Deluxe AZU, 250kg load
2509/72-3/78France435ccLow and short, 250kg load
AK8/63-7/70France602ccLow and long, 350kg load
AKL8/63-12/66Belgium602ccLow and long, Deluxe AK, 350kg load
AKS7/70-3/78France602ccHigh and long, 400kg load

  • Engines:
    • Up to 9/54: 9hp 375cc engine
    • 9/54 - 2/63: 12hp 425cc engine
    • 2/63 - 2/70: 18hp 425cc engine
    • 2/70 onwards: 435cc and 602cc engine
  • Exterior:
    • Up to 6/53: Oval with chevrons on bonnet
    • Up to 9/57: No bootlid
    • Up to 12/60: Ripple bonnet
    • Up to 12/65: Suicide front doors
    • Up to 9/72: Simple doorlocks
  • Engines:
    • Up to 9/54: 9hp 375cc engine
    • 9/54 - 10/61: 12hp 425cc engine
    • 10/61 - 3/62: 13.5hp 425cc engine
    • 3/62 - 3/63: 15hp 425cc engine
    • 3/63 - 2/70: 18hp 425cc engine
    • 2/70 onwards: 435cc and 602cc engine
  • Exterior:
    • Up to 6/53: Oval with chevrons on bonnet
    • Up to 6/61: Ripple bonnet
    • Up to 3/63: No flat rear sides
    • Up to 1/64: No dents in front roof
    • Up to 12/65: Suicide front doors
    • Up to 1/72: Small side ripples on AZU
    • 1978 onwards: No more 2cv vans


AYA-A9/67-1/68425ccDyane Luxe
AYA-AM9/67-1/68425ccDyane Comfort
AYA2-A3/68-7/75435ccDyane4 Luxe
AYA2-AM3/68-7/75435ccDyane4 Comfort
AYA3-A1/68-7/68602cc M4Dyane6 Luxe
AYA3-AM1/68-7/68602cc M4Dyane6 Comfort
AYB-A9/68-2/70602cc M28/1Dyane6 Luxe
AYB-AM9/68-2/70602cc M28/1Dyane6 Comfort
AY-CB2/70-6/83602cc M28Dyane6




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