Citroën Ami 6 History

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April: Introduction of the Ami 6 Berline.
May: No holes in the raingutter.
June: Carburettor is modified.
July: Non-opening rear windows replaced by twin piece opening rear windows.
Exterior opening mechanism on the bootlid.
Longer support on the rear view mirror.
October: Elbow supports on the front doorpanels are rounded.
Bottom pair of rear reflectors dissappear.
November: The air heating system under the airfilter disappears.
The airfilter gets different supports.
The turn closing oil filler lid is replaced by a clip closing one.
Modified throttle and choke operation.
December: The Jeager speedo is replaced by a veglia one.
Stronger springs on the friction shock absorbers.
Air outlets on the dashboard modified.

January: Modified exhaust and exhaust suspension.
Modified coil support.
Modified cover for the fuel leve sender.
Doorhinges secured by 3 bolts instead of 2.
September: Front bench no longer fitted to the floor directly with hooks but now fitted on rails.
November: The bonnet closing mechanism is reinforced.
No more rubber covers on the back of the rear lights.

March: Windscreen washer for Italian and German cars.
Orange indicators replacing the white ones on Italian and German cars.
April: Oiling point on the clutch release bearing.
June: Exhaust silencer under the floor is modified.
Telescopic shock absorbers all round.
July: Make-up mirro on the passenger sun visor.
September: Engine is modified, from 22 to 25 bhp.
Speedo from 120km/h upgraded to 130km/h.
Headlights are modified.
Interior light is modified.
Bonnet is opened from the dashboard.
The nose section is made up out of 3 sections instead of 2, visible by the seams around the grille.
October: Centrifugal clutch is now an option.
Square air filter replaces the round one.
Sump breather incorperated into the oil filler neck.
November: The aluminium window surrounds on the doors now have 3 ridges instead of one.
December: Standing pedals replaced by hanging pedals.

January: Body is fitted with seatbelt mounting points.
Windscreen washer for P.O. and R.H.D. cars.
Michelin X tubeless tires.
June: Flat top rear lights replaced by pointy ones.
September: Rear lights are no longer flat topped but are now pointy.
Exhaust silencer under the left cylinder and exit tube are modified.
Introduction of the Ami 6 Break in 3 different forms.
Ami 6 Break 4 places with seperate front seats.
Ami 6 Break 5 places with front bench.
Ami 6 Break Commerciale with seperate front seats, folding rear bench.
These Breaks have an aluminium roof with only 2 big stiffening profiles on it.
October: The breaks get 135x380 tires replacing the 125s.

January: Luxrit safety windscreen fitted.
Top of the dasboard below the windscreen is now gris rose plastic.
Modified dipstick.
February: The twin horns are replaced by one double action one.
May: The steering rods are secured by nyloc nut and no longer with split pins.
The break gets a third strengthening ridge on the roof.
July: Front bench is modified.
September: Windscreen washer for all cars.
Engine power increased from 25 to 28bhp.
The Berline gets a folding support for the bootlid replacing the rod.

February: Mounting points on the rear wings near the C post are modified.
May: The berline is transformed from 6V to 12V.
Dynamo replaced by alternator.
Charge light replaced by a volt meter.
Modified interior light cover.
September: The break is transformed from 6V to 12V.
Sound deadening on the engine shrouding and bonnet.
Gearlever knob is no longer white but now black.
Black dashboard with silver buttons instead of gold ones.
Air outlets get a aluminium lever instead of a white knob. Different shaped sun visors.
Chrome bars on the air intake.
Hubcaps are now stainless steel instead of aluminium.
Grille with horizontal bars.
October: The engine is modified.
November: All break models now have the rear view mirror suspended from the roof.

June: Rheostat for dimming the dashboard lighting fitted.
October: Club Break is introduced, double round headlights, stainless steal edges on the doors, horizontal trim on the sides, seperate front seats with adjustable backrests,

March: New Axo one piece rear light, later also fitted to the 2cv.
May: New 35hp AM2 engine.
Break service Tolee appears, a break without rear doors and no side windows.
Ami 6 in gold letters on the bootlid.
June: The Break Service is now also available as a Vitree, with side windows.
September: New grille with coarse wire mesh.
Pull switches replaced by tumble switches.
Modified indicator switch.
Doors now have welded steel window surrounds.
Club also available as Berline.

March: The 6 Berline is replaced by the 8 Berline.
The 6 Club is still available for some months.
September: The 6 Break is replaced by the 8 Break.


Last Ami 6 Break and Service are sold.

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