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UK, Slough:
Citroën had a big factory in the UK for producing RHD models. With the Ami 6, both break and berline models were available, however, there are very few left. When the Slough factory was closed in 1965, the special UK models build in France. With the Ami 8 all versions were available including service / enterprise, however only tolee versions. Even Ami Supers were available in slough, although not in large numbers with at least one Service having been built, also a tolee.

Spain, Vigo:
In the Vigo plant in spain a special version of the Ami 6 break was built. It was called dynam, the name coming from the Dyane and Ami names. Most abvious difference compared to the french cars are the rear lights, square with rounded corners. A dynam photo is available in the Ami photo section. The Citroen 8 or c-8 is the spanish version of the Ami 8. It is build from 1970 up to 1977.

Yugoslavia, CIMOS plant in Koper:
It's a little know fact that the CIMOS plant (Citroën and Tomos joint venture) in Koper Yugoslavia also made Amis. Ami 6, Ami 8 and Ami Super were produced locally. At least 1 ami 6 break, several Ami 8 berline and break and 1 Ami Super berline have survived.

From 1971 onwards the Ami 8 break is built and sold in Argentine. The car is officially called Ami 8 Club, the name is changed to Ami 8 élysče in 1978 The biggest exterior difference compared to the french models is the special 3 barre grille. All Argentine Ami 8 have drum brakes, while disc brakes are found on all but the first french Ami 8. The cars are available in 8 colours: yellow, bright green, beige, white, light blue, red, dark green and light green. Production seizes in 1979.

Ami 8 berline, break and service

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