Citroën Dyane History

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August 8 1967, the Dyane is presentated to the press.
September 22nd 1967, Dealer introduction

1968 January: Dyane introduction, using the engine from the Ami6.
March: Dyane4 introduction, replaces the 425cc engine with the new 435cc engine and specially designed gearbox.
Heater controls moved from the dashboard shelf to the bottom of the dashboard heating cover.
Inner wing gets a hole for letting out hot air from the engine when the heater is turned off.
Ashtray in the dashboard.
Security windscreen is fitted.
Steel valvecovers replace the alloy ones.
Modified camshaft, pushrods and camshaft followers on the 602cc engine.
April: Gearbox modified.
Cardboard heater tubes for the Dyane6.
July: Spring on the rear brakes replaced by U shaped rod.
Modified gearbox on the Dyane6.
September: The Dyane6 gets the modern AK2 602cc engine similar in design to the 435cc of the Dyane4.
Plastic doorpanels are now black instead of white on the Berline Luxe/Comfort and Commerciale Luxe/Comfort.
Different wire mesh in the air intake on the bonnet.
Rear door handles modified.
The export models get soft rubber covering fo the steering colum controls unit.
Seats/Bench are no longer on a seperate frame but directly fitted into the seatrunners.
October: Oilpump and ignition modification on all types.
Indication lights for high beam and indicator.
Choke and starter get square knobs to replace the round rubber ones.
The knob for the bonnet opening mechanism is replaced by a steel rod.
December: Front springs increased in diameter.

January: Production of the Dyane6 with M4 engine and Dyane4 Comfort is ceased.
Paperclips on the rear bumper no longer available.
September: Third sidescreen fitted on all models.
Grille with different wire mesh.
Charge light is replaced with a Volt meter, rest of the lights moved to the top dash (12V cars only).
The cable operated starter is replaced by a fully electric one, operated with a red starter button on the dash.
Windscreen washer footpump is modified.
On the cheaper models the hooks on the bench are replaced by the normal seatrunner system.
Steeringlock standard on all models.
12V dynamo replaced with alternator.
Rear light is modified.
October: Ball on the gearshift lever replaces egg shaped knob on all cars.
Bonnet closing mechanism is modofied.
The fully steel tubular steeringwheel is discontinued.
November: Dyane6 gets an external oilfilter.

Februari: AM2 32bhp Ami8 engine and gearbox (with drum brakes) fitted.
Black plastic steeringwheel is replaced by a blue/grey one as is the dashboard.
Dyane4 also gets the electrical starter.
Crankshaft mounted 6Volts starter is discontinued.
April: Fuellevel sender unit is modified.
June: 4.5mm brakelines are replaced with 3.5mm ones, the rear brake hoses are repleced by spring shaped brake lines in the rear axle tube.
September: White upholstery on parcelshelf is now black.
Rear parcel shelf is now available.
Handle on the bootlid is modified.
December: At the front the inner wings are secured to the chassi with rubber holders and no longer with steel U shape ones.
Rearview mirror is modified.

May: Engine supports on the 435cc are modifed so the same chassis can be sued with both 435cc and 602cc.
September: Shaft on brake and clutch pedals is increased in diameter to 12mm.
Two extra pushbutton fittings for the roof.
Exterior rearview mirror is standard in France.
November: on the rear suspension arms the batteurs are no longer fitted.

March: Soundproof padding on the inside of the bonnet.
April: Exterior mirror is replaced by the fold away type.
June: Throttle pedal is modified.
The cables for the heater controls are secured by clamps replacing the plates and nuts.
July: Doorhinges are moved an get increased diameter pins.
Bonnet hinge secured with 2 bolts instead of 3.
August: Carburettor is modified.
September: Metal doorhandles which point up are replaced by plastic ones pointing down.
Bridge over the fueltank fitted.
Round suspension pull-rod eyes are replaced by 5 edge ones.
Bonnet hinge is welded to the bonnet.
November: Doorrubbers are no longer white/black but fully black.
December: Starter is integrated into the steering/ignitionlock.
Rubber for the rear light is modified.

March: Brown dash replaces black one, one spoke soft coated steeringwheel.
Switch for the windscreen wipers is now square and fitted next to the ashtray.
July: Mastercylinder and operating pin modified.
Chokeknob is moved to below the gearlever.
Ashtray increases in size.
Sticker on the bootlid is replaced by aluminium plate.
Parkinglightswitch is discontinued.
Voltage regulator is fitted to the battery.
September: 125 15 X tyres replace the 125 X 380.
October: Teeth on the flywheelbelt are no longer straight edged.
November: Sump is modified.
December: Increased area under the pushrod/ooil-return tube rubbers.

March: Black wiperarms.
Teeth on the flywheelbelt hardened.
September: The gray bumpers are replaced by stainless steel ones.
The stainless steel grille is replaced by a gray plastic one.
The rear bumper is made thicker.
There is a black plastic strip on the bumpers.
Armrests on the doorpanels.
Choke knob is now plastic.

June: The black plastic trim on the bumpers is replaced by black tape.
July: Double action braking circuit with 2 glass fluid containers mounted on the firewall.
Frotteurs on the front removed.
Telescopic shockabsorbers allround.
Steeringwheel is reduced in diameter from 430 to 390mm.
Steering reduction modified.
3 point seatbelts fitted.
Dyane4 is discontinued.
September: carburettor is modified.
Steering is modified on the Dyane6.
The rubber strips on the bumpers are replaced with balck tape.

September: Push button replaces turning handle on the bootlid.
Dashboard is now black.
Dual circuit master cylinder, plastic brakefluid resevoir with level indication.
Low level indicator light and light testing button.
Stainless steel trim above the number plate is no longer fitted.
Double valve spring replaced by a single valve spring.
October: Light on the fornt indicators is modified.

January: Speedo has even numbers up to 140km/h.
April: Dyane Caban, limited edition of 1500 cars.
July: Disc brakes at the front.
Throttle is operated by a cable.
Automatic roll-up seatbelts at the front.
Steel airfilterhousing is replaced with a black plastic one.
The tubular battery support is replaced by a wire one.
Spare wheel support is replaced by a rod between the front wings.
September: Disc brakes replace drum brakes at the front.
Grey grille and doorhandles are replaced by black ones.
The pushrod / oil-return pipe rubbers are modified.
October: The cables for the heater controls are secured by plates and nuts replacing the clamps.

June: Brakelines with Citroën connections replacing the ISO connections.
September: Safetybelts at the rear.
Standing accelerator pedal replaced by hanging pedal.
Handbrake lever is moved.
December: Headlight housing and chrome cover are now plastic.

July: A plastic 25 liter fueltank replaces the 20 liter steel one.
Seperate front seats are now standard instead of optional.

July: Rear view mirror with day and night position.
Serial number now placed on the right chassis leg under the cylinderhead.

June: Dashboard completely encloses the windscreen wiper engine.
Windscreen wiper motor is modified.
Windscreenwiper connection modified.
July: Chokeknob gets a light.

February: 3 finger clutch is replaced by the diafragm clutch.
July: Metallic grey painted bumpers replace the stainless steel ones.
Air scoop on the bonnet is removed, inlet on the bonnet is modified.

July: THE END! the production of the Dyane is stopped.
The Dyane has lost the race with the car it should have replaced, the 2cv.

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