Citroën Mehari History

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The first prototype is made using an AZU chassis and cardboard.

March: The first pictures with a plastic prototype are made. This prototype has flat panels but resembles the later production version quite well.
May: The first pre production series is built and is officially presented to the press.
July: Type approval and first commercial photographs.
September: The Citroën Dyane 6 Mehari as it's officially called is introduced and the Paris motor show. Only the 4 seater model in 3 colours (red, beige and green) is available. The production versions have no sunvisors, no hubcaps, single round rear lights and the indicators are positioned vertically next to the headlights on the side panel.

April: A new type of hood fixed differently to the body is introduced.
September: The 2 place version is introduced.
December: A new colour, orange, is added to the existing 3 colours.

September: The interior is modified.
A heating device is fitted to the dashboard.
The passenger seat gets a stability bar.
2 air outlets are fitted to the outer ends of the dashboard.
The gear diagramy is moved from the right of the speedo to inbetween the speedo and the fuel gauge.
It's old position is used by a new oil pressure light.
December: The rear batteurs are removed.

January: The engine gets a removable oil filter.
April: The steel windscreen surround with round corner windscreen is replaced by an aluminium square corner one. The ENAC hard top appears as an option.
In 1971 the USA version is also marketed. This has bigger front lights and different rear panel but apart from that is largely similar to the european versions.

February: The military version is introduced.
September: A new carburettor is introduced together with a 25 liter (instead of 20) fuel tank.


September: A new dashboard.
The steering wheel is now brown.
A voltmeter is fitted to the left of the speedo.
The old pull switches are replaced by push buttons and redistributed along the dash.
The position lights and their switch dissapear.



September: The nose is modernised and fitted with a removable grille.

September: A new dashboard is fitted with LN speedo.

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