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Ami 6 Berline 1969

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For several years, an Ami 6 had been on the list as a car that should be bought as soon as a really good one came along. Having already owned an Ami 8 in the past and always having liked the idea of driving an Ami 6, it also fits in the collection rather well. There are lots of Ami 6s available, but most have rust and dents and need some work to make them decent. And yet another restoration project was not very appealing. It would also have to be a Berline, with the inverted rear screen.

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But good Ami 6s aren't that easy to come by, so no car was seen that lived up to expectations, until one day there were stories about a car being for sale in France in as new condition. Having heard these stories before there wasn't much interest, but the persisting dealer asked to come to France to view the car. A trip to France was made and the car turned out much better then expected. The interior is spotless, the paint is not new but really good. The car has a new exhaust and bills for considerable mechanical work, amongst which are new brakes and alternator. And best of all the speedo shows 51,000 km having been driven from new.

On June 20th 1997 the car was driven home from France (a 600 km drive), using only 1 liter of fuel on every 20.9 kilometers. The car passed the technical test soon after. New tyres and new front brake cylinders were fitted. Now the car is used for commuter driving and meetings when the weather permits.

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