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Ami 6 Service Vitrée 1969

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I had been looking at several Ami 6 breaks when I heard about this car. After hearing about it late 1999 I couldn't be stopped and bought the car unseen through the Dutch Ami club, AVN. The car would be delivered to my home anywhere within the next few months. And oh yes, it was light blue and a Vitrée, so with windows, not the Tolée with steel closed sides. I'd never seen a Ami Service Vitrée in my life, nor an Ami 6 Service, so an Ami 6 Service Vitrée was something very special to me!

On Saturday January 29th in the afternoon, the doorbell rang. I looked out the window and saw an Ami 6 Service Vitrée on a trailer. My car had arrived! The car had the usual problems such as rotten floors, sills, footwell, jacking points, rear inner wings. Apart from those usual points the A posts were also severely rotten. The car had some interesting accident damage on the front.

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By March 18th stuff such as brakes, tyres and exhaust had been replaced. The A posts had been repaired and a hole in the fuel filler pipe closed. Still some problems were playing up such as a partly functioning speedo and oil leaking from the engine. The speedo turned out to be the cable playing up and the oil leak a the main bearing bolt that was loose! The footwell was replaced as well as the sill and floor on the left hand side.

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After that I visited the A-type market, Eendmeelmeeting, Citromobile and the Waggelmeeting. While trying to replace a front wheel bearing, I discovered some severe rust on the chassis. This and the other things that need doing have made me decide to take the car off the road and give it the restoration it deserves.

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