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Ami Super Berline RHD 1975

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A rescue call had been issued for this car by Adrian Chapman. It was sitting in Louis Barbour's workshop, waiting for something spectacular to happen. But it is a really good car that ought to be saved and restored. I was informed about this car, and made plans to pick it but decided to give first choice to some UK people. But they couldn't be bothered in the end so I made new plans. On Saturday June 15th 2002 we flew to the UK. The plan was to drive the car home.

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As found...
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I brought a full service kit and some tools, we gave us some problems during check in. At Luton airport Adrian was waiting for us. Seeing the car for the first time was not the usual shock of a car you've bought unseen! The interior was very nice, red cloth seats with red vinyl doorpanels. The seats were still very good, not like the normal Citroën UV biodegradable cloth. A full set of carpeting and even the headliner was still in place!

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Interior, somebody has put the steering wheel on the wrong side!

After a full service, we still had severe carb problems with the car refusing to run properly.

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Very unsuccesfull serviceing...

With some fish and chips in our stomach it was off to Harwich with the Ami on the back of a trailer behind Adrian's XM. We tried to start it a last time, and it did but it was undriveable. The car was pushed onto ferry car park, checked in and towed onto the boat by the ferry workers. 4 hours later, in Hoek van Holland we were towed off the boat, past customs and onto the car park. There, a big Jeep Cherokee was waiting which towed us home, the last 250km of the journey!

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Waiting for the boat to bring us to the continent. Note the rope on the bonnet...

This is a original 1975 RHD Ami Super berline with the following specification:
  • Colour: Blanc Meije
  • Interior: Red cloth seats with red vinyl doorpanels
  • Black plastic striping on the sides
  • 2 black rings on each hubcap
  • Holed wheels
  • Pollished surround for the heater controls
  • No rear parcel shelf (which is odd for a berline?)

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