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Citroën B14G Familiale

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After having bought 2 B14s for restoration it's decided that it would be better to focus our restoration efforts on our Traction Avants. The rear wheel driven Citroëns are easily available in France in any condition. And the restored ones are much cheaper then the cost of the restoration. So we start looking for a B14 or 11UA in good running condition.

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On May 1st 1999 this B14G Familiale is bought from a Museum in Chaufailles, France. It has been fully rebuilt a few years earlier but not used much since then. It looks very good and runs very well. Only some detailing is needed to make it ready for the dutch technical test.

The car is driven to the test on ... 1999. During the test 2 problems are found. The horn refuses to work and there is no serial number stamped into the chassis. The horn problem is soon forgotten but the serial number is a bit more difficult. According to the tester, the serial number should be the same as the engine (which can't be found) and we don't think this is true. We can't find the normal plate with the serial number anywhere in the engine bay. After a small argument the tester decides the car needs to have a new serial number engraved. This will be done the next day but in another testing station over 100km away. At home that evening the plate with the serial number is found on the passenger footwell. The next day the car is driven to the 2nd testing station where the number is engraved. The test is passed without a problem, with the car travelling over 250km to get all the paperwork ready. It never missed a beat...

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