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Panhard 24 BT 1966

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Type: N 4
Serial number: 2 516 470
Engine number: 202 826 1732
Color: Originally Light Blue Metallic
  Grey Metallic when bought.
Bought: May 1997
Condition: Good and running, to be restored.
Work done so far: The car has been completely stripped.

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During one of our searches through France, looking for nice Citroëns, this car was stumbled upon. Panhard was not completely unknown to us and the car was very interesting. The vendor went to get some fuel after which the car was started and taken for a test spin. Although the asking price was fairly high, a good price was agreed soon. The car was delivered at home one week later.

At home another test drive was soon made. The car ran well but wouldn't pull very good. But this was probably due to the combined choke and ignition needing readjustment. Didn't matter though because the car was taken apart soon after that!

Further investigation has revealed a number of things. On removal of the nose section, the inner wings revealed some serious rust near the edges. Also, the floors were very interesting. The front and rear section looked fairly new and were pop riveted to the surroundings. The rear passenger footwells looked more original but were severely rusted so they had to be replaced.

A complete new floor was made up and fitted. Many body repairs were made. Because the original Panhard engines can not seriously be called reliable (even after rebuilting) a GSA 1300 engine has been fitted. This engine has been mated to the original gearbox and has the same power as the original engine but with a much broader range and with a lot more torque. The Dutch Panhard club has been very useful with spares and advice. The car is now nearly ready to go to the paintshop.

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