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Citroën Rosalie 15 Legere

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As found...

This car was discovered in an internet advertisment. After sending over a digital image, a trip was made to the centre of france to look at the car. The car had driven a total of 70.000km, was bouhgt by the current owner over 20 years ago and last driven 8 years ago. It was bought immediatly and brought home some weeks later.

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At home...

At home the car was looked over properly. The sump was removed and cleaned, the engine internals inspected. New sparkplug and points were fitted. The fuel pump was rebuilt, carb checked and repaired. Starting the engine for the first time proved a lot less trouble then thought. It started pretty quickly but only ran on 4 cylinders. After checking everything again it was restarted and soon it ran on all 6 cylinders. The sound is great and much like that of a Traction Avant 6 cylinder.

Soon the first test drive was made.

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First test drive.

It now needs new tyres and sparkplug cables before it can go to the technical test.

The 15AL is a very rare car. There are not many 15 rosalies left, most of which have special coach built bodies. The Citroën bodied 15s mostly have the big body as found on the 10. This car has the smaller body as found on the 8. Together with the big engine, this light and low drag body made the car the sporty model in the Rosalie line-up. A succesfull succesor of the famous "Caddy" from years before.

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