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SM 2.7 Carburetor 1974

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In 1973 all SMs got injection replacing the carburetors with the exception of the 3 liter models. This car originally had injection but because of a fault in the wiring of the system the car wouldn't run properly and after years of trouble, the injection was swapped for a set of original carburetors.

The car was bought in November 1979 having done 62,000 km and is originally a german car. After a few months a cylinder burst because of a leaking head gasket. It was decided to completely rebuilt the whole car in order to make it a very good one. A second broken down engine was bought and from the two, one good engine was built with as many new parts as possible. At that time the SM hadn't been out of production that long, so most parts were still easily obtainable. All mechanicals were fully overhauled and carefully put back together. Special strengthened timing chains were used but no special tensioning was fitted. The original tensioner seems to cope pretty well as long as it is checked regularly. A respray concluded the rebuilt but the car wasn't driven much afterwards.

The car has done 69000 km from new and only 6000 km since the engine rebuilt. Even the 69000 is fairly low compared to most other SMs around.

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In 1995 it was decided to upgrade the car to the new standards of restoration. To do this properly, a second rebuilt was needed. The car was completely taken apart again, leaving just the engine in place. The rear brakes were rebuilt. Discs and caliper sets were bought from Andrew Brodie. A new undertray and front bumper were fitted. Four out of six lights were replaced. Various rear lenses were replaced. New RR wheels (original option) and tyres were bought. A respray in smart Alpine Gold completed the rebuilt after which the car was put back together again. The car is now in concourse condition with especially the engine bay being very well detailed.

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For those of you who don't know these Michelin Roues Resin (Resin Wheels), here is some history. They were originally developed to replace the heavy steel wheels. These wheels weigh only 4.66 kgs and are glassfibre epoxy high pressure moulded (read: plastic!). The wheels were designed as an improvement for long distance races in which the SM participated. They were also offered as an option on production cars from the end of 1972 onwards.

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Thanks to Andrew Brodie from Andrew Brodie Engineering Ltd. for lots of information and helping out with difficult parts.

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