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Traction Avant 11A 1934

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Car type: Traction Avant 11A Berline
Production date: June 1934
Serial number: 100 683
Body number: EY 02 37
Engine date: 05 10 34 (October 5th 1934)
Engine number: DN 06 69 (non original)
Bought: October 1996
Condition: Very good

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Here is a list of typical features of this car:

  • First type 11A front axle (no ball joints) with original Citroën telescopic shock absorber conversion.
  • Gemmer steering with two bearing steering box.
  • 6 stud 12" forged brake drums all-round.
  • 78x100mm 1911cc engine.
  • Moteur flottant engine suspension.
  • Round rear axle with twin locating bars and original Houdaille lever arm shock absorber conversion.
  • Exhaust running through the right jambonneau.
  • 50 Liter fuel tank with twin filler openings.
  • No grilles in the front wings for locating the horns.
  • No bootlid, twin air inlets below the windscreen.
  • Flat floor without reinforcement dents.
  • Twin glove boxes, speedo in the middle of the dash, light switch on the dashboard.
  • Wood imitation paint on the dashboard and window surrounds.

When bought, the car did feature some non original items. Most important was a 1937 engine, suspended by both the Moteur Flottant and the Pausodyne system. Other non original items included the grille and the headlights. These items were soon replaced. The non original engine (in running order), was replaced by the correct moteur flottant engine and 1934 gearbox.. Unfortunately this unit was in non-running condition. On the car were B14 or C4 headlights, and these were replaced by ones from a 1934 7, with flat glass but slightly smaller diameter then the 11 headlights. The grill was replaced by the right 1934 item, in immaculate condition, complete with chevrons mounted behind it.

At first the front wings were thought to come from a later car since they didn't have the small round grills for the horns. But the wings were measured and are the right size for a 1934 11A. This means that originally this car had the horns mounted on the bumper as on the 7A and 7B. Up until now, this setup had only been seen on pictures of pre production 11As photographed at the factory.

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The car has a few periodical extras among which are "enjoliveur de capot" (bonnet mounted wind deflectors) made by GM, cabriolet / coupé like door trimmings on all four doors, aluminum screw-on raingutters and overriders on the front bumper. The car features a Quillery steering wheel, and because this doesn't feature the light switch ring, the original switch on the dashboard had been replaced by one that incorporated the functions of both switches. The car also features an ignition advance / retard mechanism which is operate by a lever mounted under the steering wheel. The front friction shock absorbers have been replaced by telescopic ones. The rear lever arm shock absorbers are Houdailles. A booklet send to all dealers before the war, describes both these conversions. It also says the conversions should be carried out on all cars because the original setup is inadequate.

After some searching, the few missing parts for this car have now been found, making the car complete to the last detail. Under the black paint paint the original paint has been discovered, a sea like blue / green (gris bleu). The whole body was originally this color, with black wheels and wings. The wheels are now creme as on the post war cars, but the paint is peeling and reveals the original black paint underneath. The dashboard is currently black but the original wood imitation paint has been found underneath. Further investigation found that all wheel rims are dated 4-34.

This is one of the earliest Traction Avant 11 built. So far only 1 older surviving 11 has been found (and that carries a Bureau des Etudes ET body number)

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