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Traction Avant 11A Conduite Interieure 1934

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Car type: Traction Avant 11A Conduite Interieure
Production date: 1934
Serial number: 103 784
Body number: ED 08 27
Engine date: ??? 1934 (non original)
Engine number: ??? (non original)
Bought: December 1999
Condition: very bad

Here is a list of typical features of this car:
  • 6 stud 12" forged brake drums all-round.
  • Round rear axle.
  • Rear lever arm shock absorbers.
  • 50 Liter fuel tank with twin filler openings.
  • No bootlid, twin air inlets below the windscreen.
  • Symmetrical (visually) front and rear doors.
  • No raingutters, (accessory aluminum screw-on ones fitted).
  • No internal sill strengthening.
  • Flat floor without reinforcement dents.
  • Twin glove boxes, speedo in the middle of the dash.
  • Light brown Corduroy cloth interior with dark brown piping.
  • 2 separate front seats with pre-shaped cushions.
  • two-tone body, gris bleu and noir

Here are some pictures of what the car once looked like. The first picture shows the exact color scheme, probably even the right color (gris blue). This paint scheme was done (on this car at least) by first painting the whole car in the light color, then repainting the top part black. The bonnet on this car was all light as on the picture, this differs from most other two-tone tractions known today. Only difference is that the car in the picture has raingutters and this car hasn't. The second picture shows the interior with the very typically shaped front seats. The interior cloth pictured isn't the same as on this actual car. On the Citroën picture is a very light colored smooth fabric. On this car it's brown Corduroy with dark brown piping.

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When found the car was very bad condition. The bottom 10cm of the sills has gone and it's a miracle the body still has the right shape. Especially considering the fact that even the door apertures are severely rusted and gone is some places. Only at the rear there is still some original floor left. Apart from the usual things that were missing (rear lights, central rear license plate, clock in the speedo) the engine, gearbox, front axle and front wings from a 1948 11B had been fitted some time ago. The bonnet is still original but it doesn't have the rolled front edge usually found on 1934-1936 11A. The car originates from the Marseille area.

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This is the oldest long wheelbase Traction Avant survivor known, it's also the only 1934 long wheelbase survivor. Although these cars were produced from June 1934 onwards, very few have survived. The early cars had severe strength problems, with cars bending under their own weight. Early 1935 the body construction was altered by welding an additional strengthening profile to the inner sill. This is the only know survivor of the old type body without these sill reinforcements. Most early long wheelbase survivors are Conduite Interieure cars, probably because they sold much better in those days. The Traction Avant was still much of a luxury car and the 5 seat Conduite Interieure has much more luxury appeal then the 9 seat Familiale.

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After some searching, the proper front axle, engine and gearbox as well as a set of wings have been located and purchased.

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