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Traction Avant 11A Conduite Interieure 1934

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Car type: Traction Avant 11A Conduite Interieure
Production date: June 1935
Serial number: 106 293
Body number: ES 09 74
Engine date: 21 5 35 (May 21st 1935)
Engine number: DO 04 01
Bought: June 1998
Condition: Good, fully original

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Here is a list of typical features of this car:
  • Stade 1 front axle (Second type 11A front axle) with telescopic shock absorbers mounted on the back of the suspension arms.
  • 6 stud 12" forged brake drums all-round.
  • Gemmer steering with one bearing steering box.
  • 78x100mm 1911cc engine.
  • Pausodyne engine suspension.
  • Cruciform rear axle with telescopic shock absorbers.
  • Exhaust running through the right jambonneau.
  • 50 Liter fuel tank with twin filler openings.
  • Horns mounted behind grilles in the front wings.
  • Chevrons mounted behind the grille.
  • No bootlid, twin air inlets below the windscreen, symmetrical front and rear doors.
  • Rear license plate holder in the middle above the rear bumper.
  • "Bicycle" pedals, with the master cylinder mounted inside the left jambonneau.
  • Twin glove boxes, speedo in the middle of the dash, commodo light switch on the steering column.
  • Wood imitation paint on the dashboard, dark brown window surrounds.

The car is in very good condition. Only problems are the left rear door from which the door bottom has rusted away, and some very thin front wings. The car is complete to the last detail, which is remarkable after 65 years.

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This is one of the oldest long wheelbase Traction Avant survivors. Sofar only one older car has been found (also featured on these pages). This car is very special because it's very original. Most cars undergo modifications during a 65 year lifespan, but this car has survived remarkably unscarred.

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