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Traction Avant 15 Six Oleopneumatique 1954

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One day a 15 Six Hydraulique is advertised in the Dutch Traction Avant club magazine. The car is located in the middle of a large park in the center of Amsterdam. The owner is a collector of Indian motorcycles and doesn't use the car very much so he wants to sell. The car is in reasonable condition, but it looks more like a four cylinder car with four cylinder hubcaps and a painted grille. The car is bought and driven home 2 weeks later. The drive home reveals the fantastic comfort of the hydraulic rear axle. The trip also reveals serious electrical problems.

The idea is that this car could be the ultimate everyday Traction Avant, also well suited for long trips to France and such. The first job tackled is the checking and rebuilting of the brakes. During this some rust is discovered, so it is decided to take the car completely apart and rebuilt it to very high standard. Several body sections are repaired and the engine and gearbox are rebuilt. After that the car is sent to the painter who discovers several layers of paint with lots of filler. All old paint and filler is removed bringing the car back to bare metal. It is then painted in an original Citroën (BX) metallic grey. Work is completed in the winter of 1994 / 1995.

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Of course, the car drives very well. The combination of hydraulic suspension gives it ride quality almost equal to that of a DS. I like it better then a DS because it has much more classic car appeal and you hardly see any on the road. The car pulls strongly and has enough power for high speed motorway driving. Whenever the weather is good, it is used for going to work and to the far away meetings.

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