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Citroën Traction Avant 7A 1934

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Car type: Traction Avant 7A Berline
Serial number: 3910
Body number: AZ 00 34
Engine date: Not on the engine
Engine number:
Bought: December 1997
Condition: Body partly restored, car in parts but largely complete.

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Here is a list of typical features of this car:

  • Original friction shock absorbers on the front axle.
  • Identical 5 stud 10" forged drums all-round.
  • Original 1934 Rzeppa constant velocity driveshafts.
  • Gemmer steering with one bearing steering box.
  • 72x80mm 1303cc engine.
  • Moteur flottant engine suspension including the radiator.
  • Four blade ventilator, camshaft pulley without holes.
  • Round rear axle, mounted directly to the body, twin locating bars, lever arm shock absorbers.
  • Exhaust running through the right jambonneau.
  • 39 Liter fuel tank with twin filler openings.
  • Horns mounted on the front bumper.
  • Chevrons mounted behind the grille.
  • Wings with rolled edges.
  • Bonnet with all shutters opening at the rear and all shutter handles on the rear of the shutters.
  • Special shaped bonnet handles
  • Moleskin roof, no bootlid, twin air inlets below the windscreen.
  • Rear license plate holder in the middle above the rear bumper.
  • Twin glove boxes, Speedo in the middle of the dash, light switch on the dashboard.
  • First gear in the upper right corner of the gear lever gate.
  • Gear lever with very special shape and round knob.
  • Vacuum operated windscreen wipers.

This car is bought based on a fax message describing a 7A with rolled edge wings, absolutely complete but in boxes.

On December 19th 1997 the car arrives. A stripped body with doors fitted is sitting on a trailer wit the rest of the parts in the back of a van. The body has been shotblasted and some repairs made. A few of those are not of very high quality and will have to be redone. But the body is far from finished. It is very straight and the doors fit beautifully with an even doorgap all-round. This is quite rare on a 1934 Traction Avant!

Although the serial number on this car is quite high, the specific features date this car (gear allocation and wings for example) as one out of the first series of 7As. The first 7A, chassis number 0001, had body number AZ 00 01. In the factory, the body number was put on the body when the body was put on the production line. This car has body number AZ 00 34. The serial numbers were not put on the car until a purchase order had been received.

This could well mean that this is the 34th Traction Avant made. Sofar only one older Traction Avant is known, number 32.

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