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Citroën Traction Avant 15 Cabriolet

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Traction Avant 15 Six Cabriolet

Apart from the mysterious 22, there is another Traction Avant that has kept people busy until this day. This is the 15 Six Cabriolet. Although Citroën built 7 and 11 Cabriolets up to the war, the 15 Six Cabriolet was never officially available.

Only 5 Cabriolet bodies have ever been built. Here is a list of these bodies and their know history:

Date of built:1st Owner:Body number:Serial number:Engine number:Comment:
March 20th 1939MichelinEE0016680959PD195Original colour:
1946Industrial executiveEI131??
April 1946Robert PuiseuxEI168682487PE568Crashed
October 1947

The Michelin car is very probably the car that at one time resdided in the USA and is currently owned by a dutch Traction enthusiast.

One car is currently owned by the french collector Denys Joannon. He bought the car following an advertisment in L'Auto Journal on February 3rd 1966.

The last 2 bodies were said to have been used for the presidential cars. These were rolling shells and only front and rear axles fitted. However, the cars used for the presidential Tractions were 15 Six familiales and not the cabriolet bodies.

A lot of 15 Six cabriolets have been created over the years, using a 11B Cabriolet body fitted with a 15 Six nose and mechanicals.

French restorer Mersch built a number of 15 Six Cabriolets using genuine pre war 15 Six Berlines, some of which were from the first series of 90 cars with aluminium front wings and bonnet. A number of 15 Six Coupés were built by the same man as well.

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