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Citroën Traction Avant Specials

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Here is a list of all known special bodied Traction Avants.

A.C.B. (Ateliers de Construction de Bécon)

This french firm built one cabriolet in 1948.



In 1946 Antem modified a pre war 15-Six familiale. The body is very swept with the altered roof line and the continueing bootlid. Very swept and pointy wings with the last part of the front wing continueing on the front doors. The rear wheels are enclosed. The nose is a bit crude with the headlights incorperated in the wings. The grille is smaller the the original.


This swiss firm modified one cabriolet in 1938.

Beutler Bruder

This swiss firm built a closed 2+2 body in 1952 on a 15 Six platform. The body was made from Aluminium and very modern looking. Wings integrated into the body and a bit square appearance but still with nice soft lines.


This french firm built several cars. In 1947 a cabriolet was built. Rear wings are more stretched and enclose the wheels. The rear body is also stretched and fitted with a central fin. The headlights are incorperated in the front wings and covered with horizontal grilles. The bonnet and grille are integrated and also fitted with horizontal trim.
View Clabot Cabriolet

C.D. Waters

This gentleman built a special body based one of the very few slough built ligth 15 Fixed head coupes. The car was destroyed in a fire.





E.T. (Emile Tonneline)

Figoni et Falaschi

George Irat

Georges Ricard


Joanny et Breal


Swiss firm who modified 4 door saloons into 4 person convertibles.
View Langenthal 11B
View Langenthal 11B
View Langenthal 11B
View Langenthal 11B
View Langenthal 15-6
View Langenthal 15-6
View Langenthal 15-6
View Langenthal 15-6

Leon Laisne


L.M. (L. Mitre)

This conversion is very similar to the Splendilux one but the grille is very bulbeous and there are non standard louvres on the bonnet.

M.R. (Marius Renard)

This french company built a number of cars. The nose is a bit Splendilux like with the integrated headlights between the wings and the grille. The grill is devided into two sections. The lower section spreading from wing to wing. The wings are long swept and on some cars the rear wheels are enclosed. Both cabriolets and berlines were used and on the berlines the rear window is divided into two. The rear end is much more swept with a small fin on the bootlid.

Monceau et Truchot

MEP (Maurice Pezous)

New Look

Renard et Bec


Rosengarth produced a number of supertractions, based on the traction avant bulkhead but with different body. Available as cabriolet or coach (2 door with fixed roof).
View Rosengarth Cabriolet
View Rosengarth Cabriolet
View Rosengarth Cabriolet
View Rosengarth Cabriolet
View Rosengarth Cabriolet
View Rosengarth Coach
View Rosengarth Coach



View Splendilux 11B Cabriolet



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