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Citroën Traction Avant Parts Remanufacturing

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We have taken the initiative to have some special parts for pre war Traction Avants remanufactured.

The reason for this is that we have a small collection of pre war Traction Avants of our own. Through the years we have come in contact with owners of similar cars. Although many parts are still available at autojumbles, some parts have proven either impossible to get or incredibly expensive.

Rear light

The rear light as fitted to all Traction Avants up to 1939 is now very hard to find. Problem is that there are 3 types of lights that were used on the cars originally. We plan to have one type made replacing all others. This one will be similar in appearance to the others.

The housing will be milled out of aluminium. The top ring will be milled out of brass for ease of rechroming. The glass will be cast. The only problem is that we haven't found anyone who can cast the glass for us yet.

At the moment the order amount is about 50 lights. Price with this amount will be around 100 Euros. Ofcourse the price will drop when the order quantity is increased.

Steering box internals

All Traction Avants built before 1936 have the Gemmer steering system. This consists of a steering transfer box and a number of rods with balljoints. Some balljoints have been remanufactured by CTA Service Holland. But the steering box internals are more of a problem. Especially the snail like tube cog is very difficult to make.

TA steeringbox 1934-1936 Part numbered 601548 (the special tube like cog) and the wheel (no seperate part number) operating on it will be remanufactured.

Click on the steering box picture for a more detailed picture from the Citroën parts manual. The arrows indicate the parts that we would like to remanufacture.

Light switch handle

Many handles of the 1934 dashboard mounted lightswitch (lightswitch part number 716790) have broken off due to metal fatigue and inadequate material. We have had a small series of handles made, visible on the picture below. These have been sand casted from brass. The still lack the ring on the back but this can easily be added. There is a possibilitie to have one more batch casted. These could be made completely similar to the original.

TA steeringbox 1934-1936 TA steeringbox 1934-1936

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